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First time anal videos

Missionary Style Some people will recommend using the standard missionary position or a variation of it for your first time. While relatively uncomplicated, her positioning is a major factor in making it comfortable and pleasurable for both partners. Spooning The other position is the spooning position. The reason for this is a simple one: When it comes to anal sex, there is no such thing as too much lube. If it starts to hurt, she can stop for a second and allow the anus to relax and accommodate it at her own pace. You want to make sure the first time is as easy as possible, right? Just stay relaxed and experiment when your sex drive is at its peak. Wide spread knees and keeping that butt at just the right height will help. Some people think you should give yourself an enema before anal. An enema or an anal douche is a saline solution that you squirt into your rectum to cleanse out the lower bowels. Warm Up Massaging the outer area of the anus before attempting intercourse will help relax the internal sphincter. So if you want to make sure that her first anal experience is amazing try these tips: This position works well for your first time because it allows her to back onto the penis at her own pace. Get Clean A simple hack to make anal sex better, or at least stress-free, is to shower beforehand, using plain water to clean the butthole and a little bit inside, too. Sharing herself in this way with a partner is an act of openness and giving. First time anal videos

First time anal videos

First time anal videos

First time anal videos

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