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IGN Reviews - The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Review

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Ign review skyward sword

The Zelda formula, followed with near-perfect faithfulness in the last 10 years, requires a new way of getting around the game's vast terrain horse? The harp is played with wafts of your hand. They defined his valor and, in retrospect, made him seem more of a specific, emotional character than he does in Skyward Sword, where he comes off less as a character and more as an avatar. Then I played the game for 27 more hours. The new Zelda was fun, I thought, but it was also something else. Skyward Sword is the greatest Zelda game ever created. The ideas: Those elements aren't just in the game's unusual and cleverly-built dungeons. Those two were directed by the guy who directed this new one, by the way. As a formulaic Zelda, Skyward Sword does pretty well. Ign review skyward sword

Ign review skyward sword

Ign review skyward sword

Ign review skyward sword

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    You can dispatch an enemy with a variety of different weapons, but even they either work or they don't. The developers gleefully exploit this with devilish enemies who sometimes block all but a single vulnerable angle, with ropes that need to be cut a certain way, to, more abstractly, the supplying of Link with an unmanned aerial drone that he can use to survey a dungeon and attack his foes the drone thing is not as ripped-from-the-headlines as it sounds.

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    Played it for 47 hours, didn't give the kid's love letter to the person in the bathroom who was out of toilet paper. Skyward Sword just begins to scratch at the exciting really! There might be seven.

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