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Homestuck fanfic recs

This work chronicles his origins, the entirety of his life, and his eventual death. A fic about a possible future this fic is amazing. And they are the agents of destruction. Ashes to Ashes. Ever wondered about ace people in a soulmated world, or about how the soulmate system would affect society? The pesterlogs are great, the characterisation is just awesome, and I love the way Byrd develops into his own person, not just another Dave. I feel it pertient to mention in particular the thing I think they do best, which is: A couple hours later, this shambled out our mental birth canals as a malformed, partly illustrated monster, with the most inane and beautiful AU setting of all time. This is one of my favourite Homestuck fics. My favourites by her include: Depressing, but definitely worth reading. None Synopsis: More than two sweeps after being returned to a restored Alternia, the trolls face impending adulthood and banishment from the planet. I think this author is far more under-appreciated than they deserves. Homestuck fanfic recs

Homestuck fanfic recs

Homestuck fanfic recs

Homestuck fanfic recs

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  • Gardarr says:

    But, its super well written!!

  • Grolkree says:

    He was being a bit rude for someone who had almost cried with relief when Dave had offered him an escape from his boredom, but he was Karkat Vantas, after all. Froth and Frogs is one of her less known fics, originally written for the homestuck comm.

  • Fenrilkree says:

    But this one is on this list because of the world. An interesting fleshing out of the Felt when they aren't busy getting killed by the midnight crew.

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