Has there been a woman president Most American Women Are Not Optimistic About Electing a Female President: TIME Poll

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After 103 years, hopes for a woman president dashed

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Has there been a woman president

But a woman president is another matter. Let them break their own heads. Activists have to blitz our legislators with phone calls, lobby them, sit-in outside their offices, march, speak up at town meetings, and sign petitions that are not pie-in-the-sky but contain specific demands and are directed to those who actually have the power to solve the problem. But who can confidently predict which aspects of the anti-Trump resistance will be effective over the long haul? The Utopian female savior would be as powerful yet empathic as Wonder Woman, as smart and kick-ass as Sheryl Sandberg, and as competent and hyper-organized as Supermom. Kelli Helminiak, a year-old high school government teacher, plans to vote in her home state of Iowa based strongly on health care policy. Sebelius said, adding: Harris, who is due to visit the leadoff caucus state of Iowa next week. Getting big money out of politics would ensure that women have a fairer shot at winning elections, and a serious commitment from the media, the political class and the nation to evenhandedness could help level the playing field of public perception. Still, more than half of Democratic women said their level of engagement has stayed the same or decreased, which may be a sign of discouragement. The candidate would either be judged too soft or too strident; not competitive enough or unbecomingly ambitious. Black women were the only group to rank affordable health care second to another issue: History suggests that the biggest obstacle to a woman aspiring to the highest office anywhere is simply that she is not a man. If these men continue to diss us, surely millions more of us will get pissed and refresh our resolve to elect a woman next time. Stein received more general election votes than any prior female candidate in Will a few local defeats flatten us into Daddy-knows-best passivity, or will they galvanize us into action? Has there been a woman president

Has there been a woman president

Has there been a woman president

Has there been a woman president

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    Meanwhile, journalists huddle by the entrance, notebooks in hand, waiting to catch a glimpse of the person running the country: As a woman of color, she could appeal to African-American voters, which her advisers say would help her win early primary contests that see high black turnout. I want to know if the party can:

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    Heading into the midterm elections, poll respondents reflected on the impact of the national debate surrounding sexual harassment and misconduct. Kamala Harris of California, considered a top contender for , confirmed that she will "take a serious look at" an election bid.

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    I think Madrak is right to be realistic about the challenges likely to face the next woman who runs for President in this toxic political climate. Jacquelyn Martin AP Sen.

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    If Republicans eventually decimate health care, Medicaid, and reproductive rights, will white women voters return to the Democratic Party? And this week , the president referred to Stephanie Clifford, the adult film actress who has detailed an affair with Mr. Warren to the rally in Morrow.

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    All of them opposed the Kavanaugh nomination and described it as egregiously offensive to women. Michael R. The first list includes female presidents who are heads of state and may also be heads of government , as well as female heads of government who are not concurrently head of state, such as prime ministers.

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