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Bisexual photos tumblr

Ross glares at him I was just trying to be supportive. I would get my ass pinched and I would smack them as hard as I could. Is that what you are teaching my girl? She dropped the bowl on the floor and got all messy. Also the fact that the straight people in the episode think that he gives off a gay quality whereas Lowell, who is gay, reassures him at the end that he definitely does not, could be more evidence that Chandler is in fact bisexual. Well, maybe the crazy fog has lifted and she realises that life without me…. Added to this, Chandler was a teenager in the 80s he would have been 12 in , according to his Wikipedia page that puts his D. The only fights my brothers ever got in was defending women from someone else. These people had the unfortunate luck of catching my dad at home, instead of my mom. So what happened? There was a little girl who was carrying a bowl of tomato sauce and was going outside, but the boy was just in front of her and he slammed the door in her face. I love Friends, but its treatment of non-straightness and non-cisness is appalling. Hope you enjoyed this meta! Anyway, unsurprisingly, that experience was a cause for deeply internalised homophobia and therefore repression of any bisexual feelings that came up. There are also certain times where Chandler does express his potential attraction for other men. In a show where it is very much implied that the majority of the characters think there is only straight and gay, you could imagine how Ross might react to Chandler coming out, especially if it was after Ross found out that he and Monica were dating. Bisexual photos tumblr

Bisexual photos tumblr

Bisexual photos tumblr

Bisexual photos tumblr

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